About this project

Fighting for your values is hard. The process of voting should be simple.

We give clear dates, direct links to official sites, and calendar reminders relevant to your zip code (to the county where relevant) to help you feel in control of your vote. Data is fact-checked weekly.

Who we are

We are a group of civic-minded friends who started this website because voting by mail is too damn confusing. We’re product managers, designers, and engineers who volunteered nights & weekends.

Thanks to our friends and broader community for ongoing feedback. Special thanks to Estelle Monteillet, Stine Dahlberg, Colette Kessler, and Debra Cleaver.

This entire website is open source. Check out our Github. Thanks to Rasmus Andersson for the beautiful Inter font, Feather Icons for saving us lots of illustration and the Node.js community for making this tech stack a breezy(ish) setup. We also enjoyed Dropbox Paper to share plans and Figma to share designs.

You can help

We’re seeking volunteers in each state to help us validate and keep our data updated, and partnerships with orgs and individuals for outreach. Message @postyourvote on Twitter.

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